Rotterdam Justice Court

To contact the Justice Court by phone regarding your ticket, dial (518) 355-7575, ext. 594. For any additional questions, you can contact the Town Clerk by mail or phone at 1100 Sunrise Blvd., Rotterdam, NY 12306 or (518) 355-7575, ext. 320. You can also visit the town of Rotterdam's official website at

Answering Your Speeding Ticket

Tickets in Rotterdam have the same set of instructions for nearly all other Upstate courts and require an answer within 48 hours. If you have not answered your ticket and more than 48 hours have passed, please contact our office or call the court directly to inquire about your case. Failure to answer will result in a default judgment where you will be responsible for all fines, points, and other penalties the court imposes. Pleading guilty will have the same effect. Applicable fines and surcharges must be paid or your license may be suspended or a bench warrant issued. If you plead not-guilty, our office can defend your case, often obtaining a more favorable plea offer from the court which may be a parking ticket or other low or non-point violation that will not only save you money in fines but in insurance increases as well. Remember that if you accumulate 6 points or more, you will also be responsible for paying the $300.00 NYS Driver Assessment fee. For any other questions, please contact our office.

Additional Resources

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Affordable traffic ticket defense in New York state. This website serves as our main hub for traffic violation inquiries from prospective clients with tickets in courts throughout Upstate NY and the Hudson Valley. There is information regarding speeding tickets in the greater Albany NY area as well as links to our other sites dedicated to traffic ticket defense in particular towns and villages. Visitors can submit questions via email and our live chat support service where we, of course, offer free consultations.

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